Sunday, March 4, 2012

Young Guns (?) of India

It’s often said that the youth plays a critical role in framing the future of a country. The development of a country depends on the brains and shoulders of the youth. But what if this young generation is paralyzed? Paralyzed by their orthodox and deteriorating mindset!
I would like to talk about two recent incidents that took place in our country which would clarify my point.
First incident: DGP of Andhra Pradesh gave a statement that said, “Provocative attire of women is responsible for the rape attempts on them.” I was surprised when I heard that. For me, that was something full of shit, but when I tried to discuss it with my friends and cousins, I was completely stunned! It looked like many of them, including girls, were on the same boat with the DGP. They gave various reasons to prove their point but I’m not going into those details. Finally, when I retorted that, attire may aim at garnering some appreciation from men, it’s definitely not an invitation for a rape attempt, they couldn’t reply to that. Still, they were not ready to change their mind.
Second incident: Mr. Salman Rushdie was denied entry into the literary fest at Jaipur. The so-called caretakers of Indian culture and society, hold protests against giving him the permission. When I talked about this with my batch mates, not only most of them were unaware of the whole incident, but some were even in agreement with the turnout of the events. That came as a shock to me.
The point I’m trying to make is what has caused our young people to be so damn ignorant? They are not only unaware of the happenings in the country but have even lost the ‘rational’ sense of judgment. For instance, in the second case, all of them haven’t even read the book ‘Satanic Verses’ which caused this controversy, but they had their prejudices against Rushdie. They just said what they heard from their elders without even knowing its meaning. As it’s said, you just profess what you see and what you hear. I’m not discussing the book and the controversy it caused here, though personally, I feel every author has the right to freedom of speech, and he/she shouldn’t be deported from his own country.
In the first case too, the young people just gave voice to the orthodox and deteriorating thoughts, which they have acquired over the years!!
The main problem is that the youth doesn’t get a chance to speak out and discuss such matters. You can see many groups of students discussing the Bollywood, sports, a quarrel between actors etc. but have you ever spotted a single group discussing politics, religion, social customs etc? Unless students spit out what they feel, think, or fear, how can their voices be heard? How can their doubts be cleared and some changes made? I have talked with many people, and I know if a proper platform is provided to discuss such things, many things can be changed. After all, the young people do have the means to cause revolutionary changes and the country’s development really depends on them. They just need some direction.
And to my young fellows, I have just one thing to say- "Don’t wait for others to provide you such a platform. Create your own platform."
As it’s said- 'Revolution do happen around you. But it should be happening inside you!'


  1. First thing let me assure u dat u neednt be so disappointed coz am sure der r still many left who care .. and dos hu dint must have started by doin a google search on salman rushdi!! So u did great :D!!!

  2. And now abt wt u wer sayin .. I am on yr boat 4 sure Manno:)! To say dat girls tempt men to rape is just insane. A revealing dress can invoke some comments or eve teasing am sure,but dat does not give a man an incentive to assault her unless he anyway wanted to do dat!!

  3. :) Its always gud to see pro feminism! (or whtever , u knw wht i mean! :P)

  4. @Minakshi- thanx medho...! Exactly....a man who is determined to assault a girl, will just use any excuse to do so. Atleast some people should take an initiative to stop this.

  5. @Shreya- lolz...yeah I got it....!