Friday, August 31, 2012

The Unplugged Memories - Do Kamine Dost

Though it’s difficult, but sometimes it’s better to shed tears on the pages, in the form of the words because words are immortal. I know it feels so artificial in making ‘sad’ smiley…but still….

“Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan….Kahan aesa Yaarana….Yaad rakhegi Duniya…Tera Mera Afsaana…”

Today I’m writing, Or rather spitting out my emotions because I’ve lost something in my life…and that something is more precious than anything I can hope for. I have lost my best buddy SAGAR TOMAR, a medical student, who died in a road accident recently. I’m numb and I’m not sure whether I would be able to write anything legible.

My father woke me up in the morning with this shocking news that appeared in the newspaper and it has been the worst morning of my life. This is the first time that I’ve lost someone close to me and in almost 20 years of my life, for the first time I’m feeling that I’ve grown up. That it’s only the beginning and life is not that wonderful as it seemed to me.  

Well, to begin with, we met some 5 years ago in a birthday party of a mutual friend Mufid who then introduced us. There was nothing special in that meeting and we just exchanged our contact numbers. The real friendship began with the use of the Mittal-Ambani connections, just like any other love story. All those messages, specially the non-veg stuff, acted as the adjuvant in our bonding and fueling up our BROMANCE.

This journey from being two complete strangers to the famous [or, infamous] ‘Bakchod pair’ was just awesome. There are too many memories of our bakchodi to include here but I’ll include a few. I will always cherish the time we spent during the coaching classes, be it ‘Daswani’ or ‘Brainmasters’.
Even now I can’t believe that we never attended a single chemistry class in the whole year, and ‘Mugs’ was our classroom for that one hour every single day..!! And our notes were of course ‘bake samosa’ and ‘cold coffee’. And our ‘Petrol pump cafe’ was the best outlet ever created for a cup of coffee. [Screw the CCD’s..!]. Even now when I own a bike, I haven’t spent that much time in the petrol pumps…. I loved the moments when I made the nuisances and Bhatia sir always accused you for it….Lapak k lagti thi teri to tab…!

The one thing that irritated me was your obsession with tea, or ‘Chai’…! Jab bhi aata tha, saala chai zarur lagti thi teko…!! Aur hazi-mazak ki to chalti firti dukan tha tu kamine…, NV-bakbak ka specialist…!!

And what to say about the ketchup and Maggie….I doubt even Javed Jaffrey wouldn’t have had that amount of ketchup as we had. I remember that ‘ketchup drinking’ bet we won in McDonalds..! And Maggie….Alas..! All those late hours Maggie-parties during our night outs at your flat or at my house along with Mahesh. Maggie drowning in the sea of ketchup….

How can I ever forget our trips and tours….! Tuffry, Shell city, Isckon temple har jagah to ghum fir kr aaye apan…and one thing I have to admit…ki Har jagah teri koi na koi pehchan nikal hi jati thi…! Ek no. ka ghumakkad that u bhi…!!
The most vivid memory I have is of your flat. What great ‘Kaands’ we did there…! That flat was the witness of many of my ‘experiences’..!! Sometimes I think I utilized your flat more than you ever did…!       I clearly remember that hullabaloo which our group caused in your flat, because of which that landlord of yours barged in the flat, and some of us narrowly escaped by hiding in the bathroom...! Your flat was the place of refuge for me…Just sitting there idly was one of the best comforts of my life…

I know we had many nasty differences too….You mocked me for loving and reading novels…while I used to pull your leg for being crazy about ‘Branded clothes’….which also reminds me of that ‘branded’ shirt you gifted me when I was shopping for my birthday…! And how can I ever forget that Sexy birthday-card you gave me, after searching in literally every shop…! It is the best card I have ever received..!! Also your Handwriting on that card....'Calligraphy' to kuch jyada hi sikh li thi tune saale...!!

And Movies…!! Well, I know I have seen almost 80% of the movies with you…Many times other members of our group used to drop the plan due to one or the other reasons…but still we both used to go ahead with the plan and watch the movies….And if the movie was boring, then it was literally our aim to entertain the audience with our commentary…!! Aur ek din me sirf ek movie dekhna to jaise apan ne kabhi sikha hi nahi tha….har bar 2 movies dekhte the back to back…!!

Meri takkar ka Bhukkad to aaj tak mujhe sirf ek hi mila h….tu hi wo namuna tha jo mujhe bhukkadpanti me competition de sakta tha…. Non-veg khane k liye to jaise pagal the apan….’Madni’, ‘Nafees’, ‘Saifee’, ‘Pishori’ har jagah apan muh maar kar aate the….Indore ka koi dhaba ya restaurant nahi cchoda tha…

PARTY…! Yahi wo word tha jo sabse jyada bola jata tha apne bich…{except for the slangs}….New bike ho ya new relationship….mom ka promotion ho ya exam ka result…every damn thing demanded a party…saala girlfriend se breakup ki tak party deni padti thi…!! Now to I can’t even remember kispe kitni parties pending thi…!

And of course how can I forget that you and Mahesh were the ones who taught me to ride the bike…! Wo Stunner pe jo tumne sikhaya tha, usi wajah se to aaj apni Fazer khadi h…! Aur teri wo fokat ki bol-bachan to alag hi hote the….like, ‘Kya smile deta rehta h aur daant dikhata h photo khinchate time….Beta thoda attitude dikhaya kar…!’

Jab mujhe tere accident k bare me pata chala tab se sirf tera wo dialogue hi dimag me ghum raha h….jo tune pravachan dete time bola tha, jab mera accident hua tha….u said that, “Beta…jyada conscious hokar bhi drive karne ki zarurat nahi h….teri galti nahi thi fir bhi thuk hi gya na…tu to mast hokar fast drive kar…jis din accident hona hoga na..hokar hi rahega…tab tera helmet bhi kuch nahi kar paega…” If only I could get a chance to give pravachan to you today…but tu to direct kalti hi kha gaya be….

Wapas aaja be kamine….Dadi ne teri favorite ‘Chai’ bana k rakhi h….Abhi to kitni gandh machani thi be apne ko is duniya mein….apan ne jo future plans banaye the unhe bhi to pura karna tha na….Apne khud k ‘Petrol Pumps’ kholne the….And what about our ‘Incredible India’ target….saale tere bina to ab ghanta mood hoga kuch karne ka…Jab tu hi nahi hoga to mein kiske sath apne ‘No. of Hits’ compare karunga…! Tu sirf 2 no. hi to aage tha mujhse… Dher saare kaand karne the abhi to tere flat pe…..We even planned of visiting Goa in the coming month…!

I can’t explain the turmoil we were undergoing, when we went to your home in ‘Gwali’, Manawar. We tried to talk on every other topic while travelling, played songs and acted as if nothing was wrong…but andar hi andar mari padi thi sabki…Everyone was trying his best to control the tears, though it became impossible once we reached there… We met Uncle and everyone else…and we have ensured him that though he has lost his favorite kid, he still has his other children with him….Dekhna saale tere se jyada favorite ban jaunga mein jaldi hi…!!

Saale 3-4 din pehle to tu piche pada tha mere ki AIIMS me hone wale Creative writing contest me teri help karun…but I was busy with other submissions….Itna gussa ho gaya ki sidhe bhagwan k pass hi chala gaya help lene…..Ab aa bhi ja re….I promise mein khud likh kar dunga teko pura us contest k liye…!      Aur mene to suna tha ki god acche logon ko apne pass jaldi bula leta h….tu to itna bada haramkhor tha…fir teko kaise itni jaldi bula liya…!! Pakke se wahan ki ‘Apsaraein’ sambhal nahi rahi hongi god se…!

I wish that it’s just a dream and when I wake up, I would find you waiting for me on the bike for another round of our bakchodi…. If only this could happen….

People say that ‘Zendagi Migzara’…that is Life goes on…..Maybe they are true…maybe I would have to move ahead in life….but the void that’s now created in my life can never be filled again…. Even if I pretend to be normal from outside, only I know what havoc I’m undergoing….

Wo kehte h na, “Dil ka dard aansu bankar na nikle, Isliye sabke samne sada muskurata hun mein...”

Tu ab bilkul tension mat liyo….ab tere hisse k kaam bhi me karunga…. And I promise mein koi devdas sort ka banda nahi banunga….and jaisa mein hun vaisa hi khush rahunga…because I know that, somewhere, at someplace, you are looking at all of us….and tu hum logon ko khush hi dekhna chahega….

And I’m sure tub hi upar maze hi kar rha hoga….swarg me apsaraon k sath….but kamine wo ‘Urvashi’ teri bhabhi h….[Savita bhabhi nahi…!]..Uspe nazar mat daaliyo…warna me jab upar aaunga to teri khair nahi…! And ek bar mein upar aa gaya fir mil kar hisab karenge bhagwan se….and agar apan sath me ho jaen tab to fir swarg ko bhi narak me badal denge, ya narak ko swarg me…!!

Chal bahut paka liya h ab tere ko….I know tu articles, writings, novels etc nahi jhel sakta h…Khayal rakhiyo apna…!!

RIP Bhai……Mere farji doctor cum munnabhai…bahut yaad aaegi re teri….we all will always miss you…!!

And I would end this with our saying jo apan dono bolte the baat khatm hote time…..ab mein akela hi dono line bol deta hun…



P.S. You must have watched me giving you tribute in my own style….I know that was one step less than what you expected from me….but it was the lack of time and ‘place’….that’s why I gave the ‘Handsome’ tribute…


  1. maut apna kaam kar rai h to zindagi ko bhi apna kaam karna chahiye..
    i dont know any of u guys (manas n sagar)but dis blog made me cried...may god bless both of u..take care

  2. @Sona- Thank you....It's really touching...I never thought this could happen...

  3. Really touching. I couldn't control tears, even when sitting in office.

  4. bhai ye sab akchodiyaan hum log hostel me kiya karte the sagar is one of my frnss saala teachers ki to taang kheechne me maahir tha
    sagar bhai rip............yogendra

  5. @yogendra- sahi h yar....alag hi piece tha apna sagar....

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