Friday, August 10, 2012

Where I Could Be Myself

 I wrote this poem in the 11th standard during the Physics Olympiad exam, on the rough sheet provided for calculations!
Do I even need to tell what was the result of that exam? :P
Miss those days...

I have been in search of a place,

For a number of years,

Where I could be myself,

With my eyes full of tears.

Where I would be shameless,

With no one in my sight,

With not the slightest pressure on my head,

My life would be so light!

Where no one would be present,

To grieve me anymore,

I would be my own master,

And, can all the day snore!

Where without worrying about

the world, I can cry,

And with all my liabilities,

I wouldn't have to be shy.

Where no memory would haunt me,

And, I would be all alone.

Where I would be myself,

And, not somebody's clone..

Where I would be able

To see my own dreams

And, with all my might,

I would achieve the cream...


  1. Hi Manas, Nice to coming across to your blog. Nice begining. I am also from Indore. May I know more about you. Know me by visiting my blog and contact me. Thanks and regards

  2. Thank you sir. It's great to hear from people like you. I would love to be in contact with you.
    Keep in touch...

  3. I like your poem because I was able to relate with it. You have a nice blog. I really enjoy reading the posts of positive writers like you. I hope that you could read my blog also.

    Nice work :)

  4. Thank you Oscar. We do need a lot more positivity.
    I also enjoyed reading your blog.

  5. How cute..words to innocense..liked it..