Friday, August 31, 2012

The Unplugged Memories - Do Kamine Dost

Though it’s difficult, but sometimes it’s better to shed tears on the pages, in the form of the words because words are immortal. I know it feels so artificial in making ‘sad’ smiley…but still….

“Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan….Kahan aesa Yaarana….Yaad rakhegi Duniya…Tera Mera Afsaana…”

Today I’m writing, Or rather spitting out my emotions because I’ve lost something in my life…and that something is more precious than anything I can hope for. I have lost my best buddy SAGAR TOMAR, a medical student, who died in a road accident recently. I’m numb and I’m not sure whether I would be able to write anything legible.

My father woke me up in the morning with this shocking news that appeared in the newspaper and it has been the worst morning of my life. This is the first time that I’ve lost someone close to me and in almost 20 years of my life, for the first time I’m feeling that I’ve grown up. That it’s only the beginning and life is not that wonderful as it seemed to me.  

Well, to begin with, we met some 5 years ago in a birthday party of a mutual friend Mufid who then introduced us. There was nothing special in that meeting and we just exchanged our contact numbers. The real friendship began with the use of the Mittal-Ambani connections, just like any other love story. All those messages, specially the non-veg stuff, acted as the adjuvant in our bonding and fueling up our BROMANCE.

This journey from being two complete strangers to the famous [or, infamous] ‘Bakchod pair’ was just awesome. There are too many memories of our bakchodi to include here but I’ll include a few. I will always cherish the time we spent during the coaching classes, be it ‘Daswani’ or ‘Brainmasters’.
Even now I can’t believe that we never attended a single chemistry class in the whole year, and ‘Mugs’ was our classroom for that one hour every single day..!! And our notes were of course ‘bake samosa’ and ‘cold coffee’. And our ‘Petrol pump cafe’ was the best outlet ever created for a cup of coffee. [Screw the CCD’s..!]. Even now when I own a bike, I haven’t spent that much time in the petrol pumps…. I loved the moments when I made the nuisances and Bhatia sir always accused you for it….Lapak k lagti thi teri to tab…!

The one thing that irritated me was your obsession with tea, or ‘Chai’…! Jab bhi aata tha, saala chai zarur lagti thi teko…!! Aur hazi-mazak ki to chalti firti dukan tha tu kamine…, NV-bakbak ka specialist…!!

And what to say about the ketchup and Maggie….I doubt even Javed Jaffrey wouldn’t have had that amount of ketchup as we had. I remember that ‘ketchup drinking’ bet we won in McDonalds..! And Maggie….Alas..! All those late hours Maggie-parties during our night outs at your flat or at my house along with Mahesh. Maggie drowning in the sea of ketchup….

How can I ever forget our trips and tours….! Tuffry, Shell city, Isckon temple har jagah to ghum fir kr aaye apan…and one thing I have to admit…ki Har jagah teri koi na koi pehchan nikal hi jati thi…! Ek no. ka ghumakkad that u bhi…!!
The most vivid memory I have is of your flat. What great ‘Kaands’ we did there…! That flat was the witness of many of my ‘experiences’..!! Sometimes I think I utilized your flat more than you ever did…!       I clearly remember that hullabaloo which our group caused in your flat, because of which that landlord of yours barged in the flat, and some of us narrowly escaped by hiding in the bathroom...! Your flat was the place of refuge for me…Just sitting there idly was one of the best comforts of my life…

I know we had many nasty differences too….You mocked me for loving and reading novels…while I used to pull your leg for being crazy about ‘Branded clothes’….which also reminds me of that ‘branded’ shirt you gifted me when I was shopping for my birthday…! And how can I ever forget that Sexy birthday-card you gave me, after searching in literally every shop…! It is the best card I have ever received..!! Also your Handwriting on that card....'Calligraphy' to kuch jyada hi sikh li thi tune saale...!!

And Movies…!! Well, I know I have seen almost 80% of the movies with you…Many times other members of our group used to drop the plan due to one or the other reasons…but still we both used to go ahead with the plan and watch the movies….And if the movie was boring, then it was literally our aim to entertain the audience with our commentary…!! Aur ek din me sirf ek movie dekhna to jaise apan ne kabhi sikha hi nahi tha….har bar 2 movies dekhte the back to back…!!

Meri takkar ka Bhukkad to aaj tak mujhe sirf ek hi mila h….tu hi wo namuna tha jo mujhe bhukkadpanti me competition de sakta tha…. Non-veg khane k liye to jaise pagal the apan….’Madni’, ‘Nafees’, ‘Saifee’, ‘Pishori’ har jagah apan muh maar kar aate the….Indore ka koi dhaba ya restaurant nahi cchoda tha…

PARTY…! Yahi wo word tha jo sabse jyada bola jata tha apne bich…{except for the slangs}….New bike ho ya new relationship….mom ka promotion ho ya exam ka result…every damn thing demanded a party…saala girlfriend se breakup ki tak party deni padti thi…!! Now to I can’t even remember kispe kitni parties pending thi…!

And of course how can I forget that you and Mahesh were the ones who taught me to ride the bike…! Wo Stunner pe jo tumne sikhaya tha, usi wajah se to aaj apni Fazer khadi h…! Aur teri wo fokat ki bol-bachan to alag hi hote the….like, ‘Kya smile deta rehta h aur daant dikhata h photo khinchate time….Beta thoda attitude dikhaya kar…!’

Jab mujhe tere accident k bare me pata chala tab se sirf tera wo dialogue hi dimag me ghum raha h….jo tune pravachan dete time bola tha, jab mera accident hua tha….u said that, “Beta…jyada conscious hokar bhi drive karne ki zarurat nahi h….teri galti nahi thi fir bhi thuk hi gya na…tu to mast hokar fast drive kar…jis din accident hona hoga na..hokar hi rahega…tab tera helmet bhi kuch nahi kar paega…” If only I could get a chance to give pravachan to you today…but tu to direct kalti hi kha gaya be….

Wapas aaja be kamine….Dadi ne teri favorite ‘Chai’ bana k rakhi h….Abhi to kitni gandh machani thi be apne ko is duniya mein….apan ne jo future plans banaye the unhe bhi to pura karna tha na….Apne khud k ‘Petrol Pumps’ kholne the….And what about our ‘Incredible India’ target….saale tere bina to ab ghanta mood hoga kuch karne ka…Jab tu hi nahi hoga to mein kiske sath apne ‘No. of Hits’ compare karunga…! Tu sirf 2 no. hi to aage tha mujhse… Dher saare kaand karne the abhi to tere flat pe…..We even planned of visiting Goa in the coming month…!

I can’t explain the turmoil we were undergoing, when we went to your home in ‘Gwali’, Manawar. We tried to talk on every other topic while travelling, played songs and acted as if nothing was wrong…but andar hi andar mari padi thi sabki…Everyone was trying his best to control the tears, though it became impossible once we reached there… We met Uncle and everyone else…and we have ensured him that though he has lost his favorite kid, he still has his other children with him….Dekhna saale tere se jyada favorite ban jaunga mein jaldi hi…!!

Saale 3-4 din pehle to tu piche pada tha mere ki AIIMS me hone wale Creative writing contest me teri help karun…but I was busy with other submissions….Itna gussa ho gaya ki sidhe bhagwan k pass hi chala gaya help lene…..Ab aa bhi ja re….I promise mein khud likh kar dunga teko pura us contest k liye…!      Aur mene to suna tha ki god acche logon ko apne pass jaldi bula leta h….tu to itna bada haramkhor tha…fir teko kaise itni jaldi bula liya…!! Pakke se wahan ki ‘Apsaraein’ sambhal nahi rahi hongi god se…!

I wish that it’s just a dream and when I wake up, I would find you waiting for me on the bike for another round of our bakchodi…. If only this could happen….

People say that ‘Zendagi Migzara’…that is Life goes on…..Maybe they are true…maybe I would have to move ahead in life….but the void that’s now created in my life can never be filled again…. Even if I pretend to be normal from outside, only I know what havoc I’m undergoing….

Wo kehte h na, “Dil ka dard aansu bankar na nikle, Isliye sabke samne sada muskurata hun mein...”

Tu ab bilkul tension mat liyo….ab tere hisse k kaam bhi me karunga…. And I promise mein koi devdas sort ka banda nahi banunga….and jaisa mein hun vaisa hi khush rahunga…because I know that, somewhere, at someplace, you are looking at all of us….and tu hum logon ko khush hi dekhna chahega….

And I’m sure tub hi upar maze hi kar rha hoga….swarg me apsaraon k sath….but kamine wo ‘Urvashi’ teri bhabhi h….[Savita bhabhi nahi…!]..Uspe nazar mat daaliyo…warna me jab upar aaunga to teri khair nahi…! And ek bar mein upar aa gaya fir mil kar hisab karenge bhagwan se….and agar apan sath me ho jaen tab to fir swarg ko bhi narak me badal denge, ya narak ko swarg me…!!

Chal bahut paka liya h ab tere ko….I know tu articles, writings, novels etc nahi jhel sakta h…Khayal rakhiyo apna…!!

RIP Bhai……Mere farji doctor cum munnabhai…bahut yaad aaegi re teri….we all will always miss you…!!

And I would end this with our saying jo apan dono bolte the baat khatm hote time…..ab mein akela hi dono line bol deta hun…



P.S. You must have watched me giving you tribute in my own style….I know that was one step less than what you expected from me….but it was the lack of time and ‘place’….that’s why I gave the ‘Handsome’ tribute…

Sunday, August 19, 2012


 रविवार की सुबह जब स्वयं सूरज भी आलस का कंबल ओढ़े धीमी रफ़्तार से प्रकट होता है, ऐसे में इक्यावन वर्षीया मीनाक्षी का अधीरता के साथ ड्राईंग रूम में चहलकदमी करना कुछ अजीब प्रतीत हो रहा था.

वैसे मीनाक्षी भी अपनी जगह सही थी. वह जानती थी कि केवल रविवार की सुबह सारे घरवाले, अंजाने मे ही सही, पर आराम से थोड़ी देर साथ बैठते थे. - दिन से जो विचार उसके मन मे कुलबुला रहा था उसे घरवालों से साझा करने के लिए वो बेताब थी. जैसे ही चाए-नाश्ते का दौर शुरू हुआ तो मीनाक्षी ने झट से अपने बेटे से पूछा, "महेश तुम्हे याद है या नहीं कि मुझे कथक नृत्य कितना पसंद था. जब भी मौका मिलता मैं टी.वी. पर कथक देखने लगती थी और इस बात पर तुम्हारे पिताजी और मेरे बीच कितनी नोंक-झोंक हुआ करती थी.

महेश ने बिना अख़बार से नज़रें हटाएँ, एक 'हूँ' के साथ जवाब दिया. मीनाक्षी तो ऐसे जवाबों की आदी हो चुकी थी. बात बढ़ाते हुए मीनाक्षी ने कहा कि, 'मेरी कथक की जो शिक्षा बचपन में अधूरी रह गयी थी वह मैं अब पूरी करना चाहती हूँ. मैंनें अख़बार में एक कथक-अकॅडमी का इश्तेहार भी देखा था, जो हमारे घर से ज़्यादा दूर भी नही है.

अपनी बात बोलने के बाद वह उम्मीदों भरी निगाहों से घर वालों की और ताक रही थी. बदले में उसे ऐसी हैरत भरी निगाहों से देखा जा रहा था जैसे उसने स्विस-बैंक में जमा काला धन वापस लाने का फूलप्रूफ प्लान बताया हो..!

मीनाक्षी ने फिर अपने १५ साल के पोते से पूछा कि, "गुड्डू चला करेगा ना मेरे साथ अकॅडमी तक..? मैं तुझे रोज़ 'किसमी' खिलाया करूँगी....'  तभी गुड्डू तपाक से उनकी बात काटते हुए बोल पड़ा,"क्या दादी आप भी...आजकल तो 'डेरिमिल्क-सिल्क' का ज़माना है. मैं तो वैसे भी अपनी कोचिंग-क्लास में बिज़ी रहूँगा...हाँ अगर आप 'हिप-हॉप' सीखने जाती तो मैं कुछ सोचता भी...!

मीनाक्षी कुछ कह पाती इसके पहले ही उसकी बहू ने चाए का प्याला ज़ोर से टेबल पर पटकते हुए कहा,'क्या अम्मा,एक और फितूर सवार हो गया आपके दिमाग़ पर. कितनी दफे आपसे कहा है कि, दिन-रात जगजीत सिंह की ग़ज़ले ना सुना कीजिए. उमर हो गई है आपकी. यह काग़ज़ की कश्ती अब लहरों से जूझने लायक नही रह गई है...!!'

बहू की हाँ में हाँ मिलाते हुए, बेटा भी बोल पड़ा कि, सही तो बोल रही है वो. आप की उमर अब रामायण-गीता पढ़ने की है, कथक करने की नहीं. ज़रा तो सोचिए कि, आस-पड़ोस वाले क्या-क्या बातें बनाएँगे..!!

इसके साथ ही कमरे में सन्नाटा छा गया. रात को बाकी लोग तो जल्दी सो गये परंतु मीनाक्षी की आँखों से नींद कोसों दूर थी. आख़िरकार जब सब्र का बाँध टूटा तो वो फफक कर रो पड़ी.

कुशवाहा कांत की पंक्ति उसकी हालत को बयान कर रही थी-


 "एक हुक सी दिल में उठती है, एक दर्द सा दिल में होता है

    मैं चुपके-चुपके रोता हूँ, जब दुनिया सारी सोती है"

पूरा कालचक्र उसकी आँखों के सामने घूमने लगा. कैसे संसाधनों के अभाव में उसकी कथक की शिक्षा बीच में ही छूट गयी थी और बाद में कॉलेज में रिश्तेदारों के कारण रज़ामंदी नहीं मिल पाई थी. शादी के बाद तो नौकरी और बेटे की देखभाल मे तालमेल बिठाते-बिठाते खुद की पसंद-नापसंद के बारे में सोचना तो जैसे नामुमकिन ही था.

आज जब उसके पास संसाधनों एवं समय दोनों की भरमार है, तो क्या वह सिर्फ़ इसलिए अपने सपने पूरे नहीं करेगी क्योंकि पड़ोस के कुछ लोग ताने मारेंगे! क्या जीवन के इस मोड़ पर भी उसकी ज़िंदगी की स्टियरिंग दूसरों के हाथों में रहेगी..??

नहीं..!! हरगिज़ नहीं..!!! मीनाक्षी के मन से ज़ोरदार आवाज़ आई. जीवन की इस संध्या में वह अपने चाँद एवं तारें स्वयं ही चुनेगी. बचपन के जिस सावन में भीगने से वह वंचित रह गयी थी, उसकी फुहारें आज भी उसके मन के किसी कोने को भिगोती है. यह कश्ती आज भी बारिश के पानी में सफ़र करने के लिए लालायित है.

इसी दृढ़ निश्चय के साथ मीनाक्षी इंतज़ार करने लगी.........इंतज़ार एक नयी सुबह का...!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Where I Could Be Myself

 I wrote this poem in the 11th standard during the Physics Olympiad exam, on the rough sheet provided for calculations!
Do I even need to tell what was the result of that exam? :P
Miss those days...

I have been in search of a place,

For a number of years,

Where I could be myself,

With my eyes full of tears.

Where I would be shameless,

With no one in my sight,

With not the slightest pressure on my head,

My life would be so light!

Where no one would be present,

To grieve me anymore,

I would be my own master,

And, can all the day snore!

Where without worrying about

the world, I can cry,

And with all my liabilities,

I wouldn't have to be shy.

Where no memory would haunt me,

And, I would be all alone.

Where I would be myself,

And, not somebody's clone..

Where I would be able

To see my own dreams

And, with all my might,

I would achieve the cream...

Monday, July 2, 2012

A Tribute Through The Confessions

I reached home and turned off the bikes engine. She was looking at me, from her coign of vantage. Before I could even start towards the entrance, she ran towards the door to receive me. [Almost like Mrs. Jaya Bacchan running for her son Shahrukh Khan in K3G…!].  She was visibly excited on seeing me. She couldn’t remain away from me for a long time. I caressed her and stroked her hair. She started licking my arms, my legs and my face. I went to my room and she followed me. She always sleeps with me in my room.

Well, before you start having any raunchy ideas, let me make it clear that, here ‘she’ refers to my German shepherd, GRACY..!!

When God created the Homo sapiens cum Humans, he thought that he has created the best animal form. He believed that the humans will live together happily, trust each other and will be honest and faithful to others. But, even God can make errors sometimes. When God realized his mistake, he repented and to compensate that he created the Canis lupus familiaris cum Dogs.

I love dogs. A dog is the most loyal friend, any human can hope for. We can never ever match their irrevocable and unconditional love and care for us.

When I read the morning newspaper, I came to know that two pet dogs from our locality were missing. I was anxious and looked for Gracy, who was lying in her bed, in her peculiar position. Afterwards, even in the college I couldn’t help, but think of the two missing dogs and the condition of their family members. [Yes, Family members..!]. I thought about Gracy, and realized that there were so many things which I wanted to say to her, and about her.

I know that Gracy will not be able to read this, but I can show my feelings to her, in other ways too.

So, here I’m confessing what I feel for you Gracy, and I know you will surely praise this, in your own way. It’s a tribute to the finest creature of god, through some special confessions.

·        I love it when you follow me when I move from one room to another and when you even sit outside the bathroom door, when I go for a bath.

·        I can never comprehend how you are always able to understand my varying moods, when no one else can…! I feel really grateful when you understand my woebegone face and come and sit near me, licking my legs and hands. I know this is your way of showing your love and concern.

·        You are my instant pain-reliever. When I come back home, after a long, boring and frustrating day, just the sight of you running towards the door to receive me mitigates all my worries. Playing with you, allows me to forget every damn tension of this world.

·        It feels great to know that one always has a company, to one’s account, no matter the circumstances. I know for the fact, that you are more entertaining than some people who I know. I specially enjoy her ‘stretching exercises’.

·        I know you become angry when I come to home late at night, and you show your anger by biting my toes in your peculiar manner, and not allowing me to sit for a long time after my entry. I really appreciate your concerns.

·        I know that you are damn active, and you love to roam around, but you have to understand that some people are afraid of you. [I have to accept that, females are way more active than the males, irrespective of the species…!]

·        I just love it, when you curl up around my legs, as soon as I sit on chair. Your different credulous postures just fascinate me, as in, when you put your legs on my legs and sleep, with your tail swaying constantly.

·        I admit that I was tickled pink when you first showed familiarity towards your name, ‘Gracy’. The feeling was something, which can’t be described in mere words. [Now, I can understand the state of parents, when their child recognizes his name, and reacts to it.]

·        I do admit that I envy you sometimes. For instance, when you sleep and lay anytime, as per your wish. Or, when mom calls you a perfect daughter, because you eat each and every vegetable, which I can’t.

·        Though I like the fact that you are a complete ‘Bhukkad’ like me, and I have a companion for the usual rounds of gobbling.

·        I know that you are possessive for me, and you can’t bear when I’m chatting with my friends, outside our house, and you start barking. To be honest, I do love this possessiveness.

·        I also find it really sweet, when in the morning, you leave your bed, come to mine and wake me up by licking my face. This way I have an awesome beginning of my day.

·        It’s really lovely, when you adjust your position in the drawing room in such a way that, you can have an eye on every family member, in different parts of the house. I know you care for every one of us.

As I’m writing these lines, I look towards Gracy and find her staring at me. I also stare in reply, and after few seconds, she withdraws her gaze. I have always wondered about, what the dogs and other jewels of animal kingdom must be thinking about us..? We are not able to understand their language, and so they can’t express their feelings verbally. Though it’s quite difficult to understand what they want to say, but they do express themselves through various actions.

 A dog has four moods- Happy, sad, cross and concentrating. I can deduce her mood, by observing the movement of her eyes. I can always tell if she’s feeling sad, for her eyes say it all.

If Gracy is expecting me to give something to eat, her eyes took the form as of a pauper, who hasn’t got anything to eat for many days. If she is cross for some reason, on her face hangs the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, and she occupies a peripheral position in the room.

      When she is happy, and wants to go for a walk, she just become restless, and try to attract my attention towards the entrance, by continuously moving between my location and the entrance and making those special shrieks.

We all know that dogs can hear even those sounds, which humans can’t. They can detect a wide range of frequencies, and if I remember correctly, that range is about 20 Hz- 20000 Hz. If she is observing something, I know it by looking at her ears. Whenever Gracy is keen in observation, her ears are erect and, when she’s concentrating on some sound, her erect ears are bent in the direction of the source of the sound.

And the last confession- I used to feel bad just for one big reason, that the life-span of dogs is quite short. I can’t even imagine what would happen to me, if I lose her. But, then again Dumbledore came to my rescue. I came across his quote that, “Do not pity the dead. Pity the living, and above all, those who live without love.” So I have decided that, when that moment will come, I would bite on the bullet, and adopt a new dog, who has been devoid of love and care. I will shower my love on it and I know the lovely creature would reciprocate much more love than I can ever imagine.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Seasons of Nature- A Retrospect

‘Everything a person felt, experienced, and saw dies with them, like tears in the rain.’

My group decided to go for a long drive as our exams were almost over and the weather was too splendid to do otherwise.

So we went ahead with the plan and, as custom, were having helluva fun. While we were having ‘ice-balls’ at a kiosk, it started raining. That was the moment we all were waiting for.  We were eating and were completely drenched, though one ‘health-conscious’ friend restrained from eating. One of my friends was criticizing the rain as he feared his ‘branded’ shirt would be spoiled while another friend joined him saying it would affect our health and we would suffer from fever. They remained behind in the shed complaining, while rest of us, paying no heed to their crap, continued to enjoy the rain. I also complained about the rain at one point that the tennis-court would be wet and I wouldn’t be able to play. As we moved ahead to a different venue cum ‘thiya’, for another round of gobbling, the downpour increased. We were driving while singing (read ‘shouting’) all the ludicrous songs. Roads were slippery and suddenly out of the blue, a car came in front of my bike from the wrong side. I applied breaks but owing to the slippery surface, we lost our balance and the car just missed us. Fortunately, I was not injured much but that was a narrow escape.

I have heard earlier that a near-death experience can change anyone’s view about life and that night I realized how true it was. That night, lying on my bed, my mind was in a complete chaos. I was wondering if it was just sheer luck that I survived the accident. What would have happened if I were to die there and then? There were numerous things I wished to do, things I wanted to say to dear ones, dreams I dared to see but couldn’t try to accomplish. I didn’t want to regret at my death bed that I could have achieved everything if only I wasn't a coward who let go of all the chances. I made a promise to myself that from that very night I would live according to my wishes without worrying about my qualms. That night I didn’t sleep; I woke up.

The morning brought with it new hopes and new perspectives towards life. The first thing I saw after waking up was the sunlight coming inside the room through the curtains. I moved the curtains and was mesmerized by the amazing beauty outside. Clouds were hovering over the sky while the sun was playing hide and seek with them. Being a witness to that beautiful scene, many feelings evoked inside me. I mulled over the beauty of nature, the various forms it took, and the healing effects it had on humans. I remembered the disparaging remarks made by my friends about nature and was ashamed that I was also one of them. Many people criticize the seasons; it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter. People fail to recognize the numerous memories associated with the seasons. We are so much involved in the hectic schedule of our life that we don’t get enough time for ourselves, let alone for nature.

I realized that there are numerous things about nature; the seasons, which I loved, but never got enough time to enjoy. I never sat back and cherished those little things. So, here I’m recollecting, rather, living those moments again, and I hope most of the people will be singing from the same hymnbook.

Rainy Season/Monsoon:

Many times people complain about this season stating that it results in a lot of mud and it becomes difficult to remain outdoors. Is it?

I just love the rainy season. I love to see the aqueous pearls falling from the sky, flirting with the winds, kissing the grounds, and making it wet! I’m enchanted by the intoxicating odor of the wet sand. I love to hear the sound made by the water droplets falling on the leaves and the roof-tops. When I was a child, I loved rainy season as it gave me an opportunity to buy my favorite cartoon-raincoat from a wide range of raincoats. Today, I’m grateful to this season as my ladylove asks me to come for a long ride in the rain, and then, of course, an intimate dance! The thundering and lightening also amplify the rate of hugging. I always cherish the moments when I dance and do all the stupid things in the rain with my equally stupid friends. I also love to see the lush green vegetation and playgrounds and to play football in all that mud. I like my garden filled with knee-length water which gives it an appearance of a small pond, and then sailing my own paper boats in that.

Winter Season:

You must have heard people complaining that in this season laziness prevails and the suitable time for remaining outdoors is much less. I guess they are not realizing that the glass is still half-full.

I love to sleep until late hours in the morning (or more precisely afternoon!). I’m addicted to the “rajai’ and blankets which keep me warm in this season. It may sound absurd but I love that shivering due the freezing temperature and also that assuring feeling when my mom covers me with the blankets and sweaters and gives me a tight, warm hug. I love to swank my various sweatshirts and pullovers in the parties. Its pure bliss when the cool breeze is floating around and you just welcome it with open arms (well, not literally). It’s also the best season for optimum weight loss due to the high levels of metabolism (Doctors say so, but screw the weight loss!) and so the ‘Bhukkads’ or Foodies like me, undoubtedly love this season.  The best part is one doesn’t need to bath every day, on the pretext of the prevailing cold. I also love the feeling when, while taking a shower, the hot water touches your skin and the droplets roll down the body. I also look forward to the various campfires and barbecues as they take care of both my stomach and heart.

Spring Season:

Spring is the queen of the seasons. I’m always tickled pink when spring comes. The snow begins to melt, rivers begin to flow, birds begin to fly, and the plants begin to grow. Spring revives the new spirit and new life all around. I love the floods of sunshine which bathe the blossoms and also the bending of the trees under the weight of their fruits. I love the fragrance of flowers. The perfumed wind caresses the faces of all. I just love the birds singing in the thickets with the nightingale occupying the top position. The orchards, fields, and forests are in full bloom and I’m enthralled by this mesmerizing scenario. People say it’s the best season for romance. (Though I guess every season is best for romance).

Summer Season:

Most of the people dislike summer season as the temperature becomes too high to work efficiently and the perspiration becomes a huge problem. I guess these people haven’t yet encountered the ‘real’ summer. Let me introduce it to them.
I love summer season a lot. I love to go for the sleepovers cum ‘pajama parties’ in our group. I cherish the everyday encounters with various drinks- Lemonades, ‘Shikanji’, ‘Lassi’, on the various kiosks on my way. When I was in school, summer was my favorite season as it brought with it the summer holidays! I used to join various summer camps and enjoyed various activities. I also used to visit my hometown in the holidays to meet my relatives and cousins. Today, I spend my summer in the swimming pool and related . I love to eat the ‘homemade’ ice cream which my mother makes especially for me. I like the long lasting days of this season as they give me much more time for playing in the evenings. I love summer for providing me, my most favorite fruit, Mango. I spend my leisure time under the cool shady groves of mango and palm trees.

So now without beating around the bush, I would say that I realize the magnanimity of nature. All seasons are on a par with each other. Every season comes, provide us with some special memories, and goes away just to aid the arrival of a new season. It depends on us, how much we make out of these seasons. And to all my friends disparaging the seasons, well the best of us must sometimes eat our words.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Higgledy-Piggledy Democracy of Indiana


DISCLAIMER: All characters are real. Any resemblance to living or dead is purely intentional!
“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” – Abraham Lincoln

Once upon a time, there occurred some geological changes in Asia which lead to the formation of the country Indiana. What Lincoln said long ago fits completely in the context of Indiana.
The Indiana has been suffering from democratic paralysis right from its birth, but the recent hullabaloo is due to the upcoming presidential nominations. The presidential house awaits its new president and this has evoked the dormant dreams of many.

The two major alliances of Indiana are- UPA [Useless Pernicious Alliance] and NDA [National Derogatory Alliance]. Both are morally (or rather ‘immorally’) on a par with each other. At present UPA is in power and, like most coalition governments, the political parties in this ‘coalition’ too, suffer frequent collisions with each other. Still, one party needs to ride on other party’s coattails.  To solve the problem of presidential nominations UPA has organized a meeting with all other alliances and regional parties in a ‘Seven-star’ hotel, under the pretext of discussing the means for the development of ‘slum’ areas. [Pun intended].
The meeting started with a huge feast and after watching some ‘hardcore’ action movies, the political leaders accumulated in the air-conditioned conference hall to put forward their choices for the nominations.

NDA started with nominating a well-known scientist cum ‘missile man’, but it was strongly opposed by some parties of UPA because they feared that he might use his missiles to force them to take right decisions, as he did earlier. Next, the major party of UPA put forward the name of a well-established industrialist. It was agreeable to many parties, but the female leader cum ‘common man’ of TNC [Taking No Commands] refused straight away. ‘Didi’ said that the industrialist once wore a ‘Red’ shirt in a party and hence he was a ‘Maoist’!  
After this heated discussion, SP [Showbiz Party] voted for a political leader from ‘minority community’ (keeping in mind the minority votes), but it was opposed by NDA and by the female leader cum ‘Behenji’ of BSP [Building-only Structures Party]. ‘Behenji’ alleged the leader of once saying in public that he doesn’t like ‘Elephants’, and so his nomination was also cancelled.  Following this some parties from the South-Indiana put forward the name of present Finance minister of UPA government, highlighting his vast political experience. To everyone’s surprise, this nomination was opposed by parties of UPA itself. They feared that the ‘Bhadrapurush’ would overshadow their ‘future prince’ and may even take some below the belt decisions.

In between all the chaos, some ‘Linguistic’ parties of the west raised their objections that they will support only their lingual ‘Maanush’ and will not allow any ‘Bhaiya’ to succeed in nominations.  Despite the air-conditioner, the temperature of the hall increased and different arguing pairs were omnipresent in the room. After arguing for hours, finally, it was settled that none of the nominations were worth selecting. The politicians were under the gun for selecting a nomination. A cloud of despair floated around the politicians which was a rare occasion.
At that precise moment, out of the blue, one party suggested that this time a common man should be nominated for president. When this suggestion met loud cries of protest, the leaders of that party put forward their theory. They explained that this would not only make the public ecstatic, but the public would even forget about the recent faux-pass of the government. Moreover, because of his total inexperience of political tactics, the man will be a mere puppet of the government, just like the present president. He would be happy to act as rubber-stamp and visit the international embassies.

Thus, the decision was made with a majority of votes, (excluding some NDA parties), and a bourgeois working man was selected by the HR [Humanity Repugnant] department of the government.
After some weeks, the common man was invited to the exclusive farmhouse of the ruling party, where most of the leaders of different parties were present. The man was full of hopes and he dallied with the illusion of causing a change and working for the welfare of the country. When he reached there, he saw drunken leaders loitering around lewdly with some women. He was received by certain leaders of the parties. While going inside, one leader told him that in politics one must know which side one’s bread is buttered on. Another leader added that one must be shrewd enough to feign innocence in each and every situation.

Inside he saw a strange wagon. To the large cart was harnessed a small and feeble mare. Many intoxicated party members began to clamber into the wagon amidst laughter and jests. The leader standing with him saw his bamboozled look and explained to him, “The mare signifies the Republic of Indiana cum the ‘Mother Indiana’. The politicians ride on the mare mercilessly and make her to gallop. The more she gallops, the more we earn. We have no interest in her well being and development.” At that moment, he saw some members beat the mare with the whips. The mare moved some inches, but couldn’t take that much load. She snorted and winced under the constant blows from the whips. Agitated, the people struck her on ribs and even on the eyes to make her gallop, but to no avail. One member, being too irritated, took a hatchet and hit the mare 2-3 heavy blows with it. The mare sank to the ground, all four legs giving way at once. She groaned heavily and expired.
The leader then told to him that, “This is what we do to the people when they are no longer useful to us or when they turn against us. We have invited you here so you could know that you will serve just as our puppet. Any nasty step and you would suffer the same fate as this mare. Welcome to the real politics.”

The man was covered with perspiration and vomited. Next day, the newspapers bore the headlines about the sudden disappearance of the president nominee just one week before the consecration ceremony.
The politics made the common man gallop a long way.