Monday, June 18, 2012

Seasons of Nature- A Retrospect

‘Everything a person felt, experienced, and saw dies with them, like tears in the rain.’

My group decided to go for a long drive as our exams were almost over and the weather was too splendid to do otherwise.

So we went ahead with the plan and, as custom, were having helluva fun. While we were having ‘ice-balls’ at a kiosk, it started raining. That was the moment we all were waiting for.  We were eating and were completely drenched, though one ‘health-conscious’ friend restrained from eating. One of my friends was criticizing the rain as he feared his ‘branded’ shirt would be spoiled while another friend joined him saying it would affect our health and we would suffer from fever. They remained behind in the shed complaining, while rest of us, paying no heed to their crap, continued to enjoy the rain. I also complained about the rain at one point that the tennis-court would be wet and I wouldn’t be able to play. As we moved ahead to a different venue cum ‘thiya’, for another round of gobbling, the downpour increased. We were driving while singing (read ‘shouting’) all the ludicrous songs. Roads were slippery and suddenly out of the blue, a car came in front of my bike from the wrong side. I applied breaks but owing to the slippery surface, we lost our balance and the car just missed us. Fortunately, I was not injured much but that was a narrow escape.

I have heard earlier that a near-death experience can change anyone’s view about life and that night I realized how true it was. That night, lying on my bed, my mind was in a complete chaos. I was wondering if it was just sheer luck that I survived the accident. What would have happened if I were to die there and then? There were numerous things I wished to do, things I wanted to say to dear ones, dreams I dared to see but couldn’t try to accomplish. I didn’t want to regret at my death bed that I could have achieved everything if only I wasn't a coward who let go of all the chances. I made a promise to myself that from that very night I would live according to my wishes without worrying about my qualms. That night I didn’t sleep; I woke up.

The morning brought with it new hopes and new perspectives towards life. The first thing I saw after waking up was the sunlight coming inside the room through the curtains. I moved the curtains and was mesmerized by the amazing beauty outside. Clouds were hovering over the sky while the sun was playing hide and seek with them. Being a witness to that beautiful scene, many feelings evoked inside me. I mulled over the beauty of nature, the various forms it took, and the healing effects it had on humans. I remembered the disparaging remarks made by my friends about nature and was ashamed that I was also one of them. Many people criticize the seasons; it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter. People fail to recognize the numerous memories associated with the seasons. We are so much involved in the hectic schedule of our life that we don’t get enough time for ourselves, let alone for nature.

I realized that there are numerous things about nature; the seasons, which I loved, but never got enough time to enjoy. I never sat back and cherished those little things. So, here I’m recollecting, rather, living those moments again, and I hope most of the people will be singing from the same hymnbook.

Rainy Season/Monsoon:

Many times people complain about this season stating that it results in a lot of mud and it becomes difficult to remain outdoors. Is it?

I just love the rainy season. I love to see the aqueous pearls falling from the sky, flirting with the winds, kissing the grounds, and making it wet! I’m enchanted by the intoxicating odor of the wet sand. I love to hear the sound made by the water droplets falling on the leaves and the roof-tops. When I was a child, I loved rainy season as it gave me an opportunity to buy my favorite cartoon-raincoat from a wide range of raincoats. Today, I’m grateful to this season as my ladylove asks me to come for a long ride in the rain, and then, of course, an intimate dance! The thundering and lightening also amplify the rate of hugging. I always cherish the moments when I dance and do all the stupid things in the rain with my equally stupid friends. I also love to see the lush green vegetation and playgrounds and to play football in all that mud. I like my garden filled with knee-length water which gives it an appearance of a small pond, and then sailing my own paper boats in that.

Winter Season:

You must have heard people complaining that in this season laziness prevails and the suitable time for remaining outdoors is much less. I guess they are not realizing that the glass is still half-full.

I love to sleep until late hours in the morning (or more precisely afternoon!). I’m addicted to the “rajai’ and blankets which keep me warm in this season. It may sound absurd but I love that shivering due the freezing temperature and also that assuring feeling when my mom covers me with the blankets and sweaters and gives me a tight, warm hug. I love to swank my various sweatshirts and pullovers in the parties. Its pure bliss when the cool breeze is floating around and you just welcome it with open arms (well, not literally). It’s also the best season for optimum weight loss due to the high levels of metabolism (Doctors say so, but screw the weight loss!) and so the ‘Bhukkads’ or Foodies like me, undoubtedly love this season.  The best part is one doesn’t need to bath every day, on the pretext of the prevailing cold. I also love the feeling when, while taking a shower, the hot water touches your skin and the droplets roll down the body. I also look forward to the various campfires and barbecues as they take care of both my stomach and heart.

Spring Season:

Spring is the queen of the seasons. I’m always tickled pink when spring comes. The snow begins to melt, rivers begin to flow, birds begin to fly, and the plants begin to grow. Spring revives the new spirit and new life all around. I love the floods of sunshine which bathe the blossoms and also the bending of the trees under the weight of their fruits. I love the fragrance of flowers. The perfumed wind caresses the faces of all. I just love the birds singing in the thickets with the nightingale occupying the top position. The orchards, fields, and forests are in full bloom and I’m enthralled by this mesmerizing scenario. People say it’s the best season for romance. (Though I guess every season is best for romance).

Summer Season:

Most of the people dislike summer season as the temperature becomes too high to work efficiently and the perspiration becomes a huge problem. I guess these people haven’t yet encountered the ‘real’ summer. Let me introduce it to them.
I love summer season a lot. I love to go for the sleepovers cum ‘pajama parties’ in our group. I cherish the everyday encounters with various drinks- Lemonades, ‘Shikanji’, ‘Lassi’, on the various kiosks on my way. When I was in school, summer was my favorite season as it brought with it the summer holidays! I used to join various summer camps and enjoyed various activities. I also used to visit my hometown in the holidays to meet my relatives and cousins. Today, I spend my summer in the swimming pool and related . I love to eat the ‘homemade’ ice cream which my mother makes especially for me. I like the long lasting days of this season as they give me much more time for playing in the evenings. I love summer for providing me, my most favorite fruit, Mango. I spend my leisure time under the cool shady groves of mango and palm trees.

So now without beating around the bush, I would say that I realize the magnanimity of nature. All seasons are on a par with each other. Every season comes, provide us with some special memories, and goes away just to aid the arrival of a new season. It depends on us, how much we make out of these seasons. And to all my friends disparaging the seasons, well the best of us must sometimes eat our words.


  1. Hi!
    Nice post. Keep it up.
    One should equally enjoy all the seasons and should be ready to take what nature is offering you

  2. Hey, thank you.
    Yeah, one should enjoy all the seasons.