Monday, July 2, 2012

A Tribute Through The Confessions

I reached home and turned off the bikes engine. She was looking at me, from her coign of vantage. Before I could even start towards the entrance, she ran towards the door to receive me. [Almost like Mrs. Jaya Bacchan running for her son Shahrukh Khan in K3G…!].  She was visibly excited on seeing me. She couldn’t remain away from me for a long time. I caressed her and stroked her hair. She started licking my arms, my legs and my face. I went to my room and she followed me. She always sleeps with me in my room.

Well, before you start having any raunchy ideas, let me make it clear that, here ‘she’ refers to my German shepherd, GRACY..!!

When God created the Homo sapiens cum Humans, he thought that he has created the best animal form. He believed that the humans will live together happily, trust each other and will be honest and faithful to others. But, even God can make errors sometimes. When God realized his mistake, he repented and to compensate that he created the Canis lupus familiaris cum Dogs.

I love dogs. A dog is the most loyal friend, any human can hope for. We can never ever match their irrevocable and unconditional love and care for us.

When I read the morning newspaper, I came to know that two pet dogs from our locality were missing. I was anxious and looked for Gracy, who was lying in her bed, in her peculiar position. Afterwards, even in the college I couldn’t help, but think of the two missing dogs and the condition of their family members. [Yes, Family members..!]. I thought about Gracy, and realized that there were so many things which I wanted to say to her, and about her.

I know that Gracy will not be able to read this, but I can show my feelings to her, in other ways too.

So, here I’m confessing what I feel for you Gracy, and I know you will surely praise this, in your own way. It’s a tribute to the finest creature of god, through some special confessions.

·        I love it when you follow me when I move from one room to another and when you even sit outside the bathroom door, when I go for a bath.

·        I can never comprehend how you are always able to understand my varying moods, when no one else can…! I feel really grateful when you understand my woebegone face and come and sit near me, licking my legs and hands. I know this is your way of showing your love and concern.

·        You are my instant pain-reliever. When I come back home, after a long, boring and frustrating day, just the sight of you running towards the door to receive me mitigates all my worries. Playing with you, allows me to forget every damn tension of this world.

·        It feels great to know that one always has a company, to one’s account, no matter the circumstances. I know for the fact, that you are more entertaining than some people who I know. I specially enjoy her ‘stretching exercises’.

·        I know you become angry when I come to home late at night, and you show your anger by biting my toes in your peculiar manner, and not allowing me to sit for a long time after my entry. I really appreciate your concerns.

·        I know that you are damn active, and you love to roam around, but you have to understand that some people are afraid of you. [I have to accept that, females are way more active than the males, irrespective of the species…!]

·        I just love it, when you curl up around my legs, as soon as I sit on chair. Your different credulous postures just fascinate me, as in, when you put your legs on my legs and sleep, with your tail swaying constantly.

·        I admit that I was tickled pink when you first showed familiarity towards your name, ‘Gracy’. The feeling was something, which can’t be described in mere words. [Now, I can understand the state of parents, when their child recognizes his name, and reacts to it.]

·        I do admit that I envy you sometimes. For instance, when you sleep and lay anytime, as per your wish. Or, when mom calls you a perfect daughter, because you eat each and every vegetable, which I can’t.

·        Though I like the fact that you are a complete ‘Bhukkad’ like me, and I have a companion for the usual rounds of gobbling.

·        I know that you are possessive for me, and you can’t bear when I’m chatting with my friends, outside our house, and you start barking. To be honest, I do love this possessiveness.

·        I also find it really sweet, when in the morning, you leave your bed, come to mine and wake me up by licking my face. This way I have an awesome beginning of my day.

·        It’s really lovely, when you adjust your position in the drawing room in such a way that, you can have an eye on every family member, in different parts of the house. I know you care for every one of us.

As I’m writing these lines, I look towards Gracy and find her staring at me. I also stare in reply, and after few seconds, she withdraws her gaze. I have always wondered about, what the dogs and other jewels of animal kingdom must be thinking about us..? We are not able to understand their language, and so they can’t express their feelings verbally. Though it’s quite difficult to understand what they want to say, but they do express themselves through various actions.

 A dog has four moods- Happy, sad, cross and concentrating. I can deduce her mood, by observing the movement of her eyes. I can always tell if she’s feeling sad, for her eyes say it all.

If Gracy is expecting me to give something to eat, her eyes took the form as of a pauper, who hasn’t got anything to eat for many days. If she is cross for some reason, on her face hangs the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign, and she occupies a peripheral position in the room.

      When she is happy, and wants to go for a walk, she just become restless, and try to attract my attention towards the entrance, by continuously moving between my location and the entrance and making those special shrieks.

We all know that dogs can hear even those sounds, which humans can’t. They can detect a wide range of frequencies, and if I remember correctly, that range is about 20 Hz- 20000 Hz. If she is observing something, I know it by looking at her ears. Whenever Gracy is keen in observation, her ears are erect and, when she’s concentrating on some sound, her erect ears are bent in the direction of the source of the sound.

And the last confession- I used to feel bad just for one big reason, that the life-span of dogs is quite short. I can’t even imagine what would happen to me, if I lose her. But, then again Dumbledore came to my rescue. I came across his quote that, “Do not pity the dead. Pity the living, and above all, those who live without love.” So I have decided that, when that moment will come, I would bite on the bullet, and adopt a new dog, who has been devoid of love and care. I will shower my love on it and I know the lovely creature would reciprocate much more love than I can ever imagine.


  1. Hi! Manas,
    I am jealous of Gracy. You think so much aboutIn her.In the photo, I think she is waiting for you.
    Nice and interesting post. When do you take her for walk? I would love to meet you on your way.

  2. @Anonymous- Thank you. :) exact depends on gracy's mood...but mostly in the evenings..
    Gracy would love to meet you too. :D